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Friday, 13 October 2017

Call Of Duty Collector - Mega Bloks Collector Series Advanced Enforcer Building Set

 Call Of Duty Collector - Mega Bloks Collector Series Advanced Enforcer 

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I was board while going grocery shopping and I found this  Call Of Duty - Mega Bloks figure. He was on sale so I grabbed him. Thought hey why not, he's cheap. Little did I know the figure was a lot small than he appeared on the box and the character even looked different. Here's a few shots, take a look and you decide.


 Call Of Duty Collector - Mega Bloks Box

 Call Of Duty Collector - Mega Bloks Inside Package

Call of Duty - Mega Bloks Instructions

Call of Duty - Mega Bloks  Build

What is this? Toys For Ants??? 🐜🐜🐜

Mega Bloks - Toys For Ants 

Even if the Call Of Duty figure is small the Articulation is pretty good and nicely detailed. I really like the accessories that come with him too.

 Call Of Duty Collector - Mega Bloks Half way there

 Call Of Duty Collector - Mega Bloks Done

 Call Of Duty Collector - Mega Bloks Enforcer


  • One highly detailed, super-poseable Advanced Enforcer micro action figure with detachable exosuit armor and visored helmet
  • Includes detailed XMG dual-wield weapons system
  • Buildable modern urban environment with barricade and storage crate for weapons and accessories

 Call Of Duty Collector - Mega Bloks Collector Series Advanced Enforcer Building Set

Not a bad Figure if your board. But I think these Mega Bloks figures are not for me. Way too small for my hands. Leave a comment below tell me what you think.

 Call Of Duty Collector - Mega Bloks Collector Series Advanced Enforcer 

 Call Of Duty Collector - Mega Bloks Collector Series Advanced Enforcer 

 Call Of Duty Collector - Enforcer

Call Of Duty Collector - Enforcer Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks Enforcer

BIGMANILA - Call Of Duty - Mega Bloks ENFORCER

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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Matchbox Robotech 1985

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior

Zentraedi Warrior Emblem 

Amazon Link:

I had Armoured Zentraedi Warrior ever since I was around 12yrs old. I bought him in a local used toy store. When I had a paper route and starting to earn some money I started hunting for Robotech figures. It was really hard to find  Robotech figures when I was younger plus I did not have the money. Now they are a little bit more easier to find but cost alot more now. Armoured Zentraedi Warrior is part of my collection. Ill be posting more as soon as possible.




Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Battle Damage

This figure had a couple of back yard battles it has survived even with explosive fire crackers and fire works.

 Zentraedi Warrior - Back

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Matchbox Robotech 1985

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Robotech

Unfortunately when I purchased Armoured Zentraedi Warrior he did not come with his helmet. the Articulation was not bad at the time for the figures. I'm pretty happy with this figure it would be cool if they made up dated figures like a 30th anniversary figure line or something like that

 Zentraedi Interrogation 

 Zentraedi Warriors

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Matchbox Robotech 1985 - New in Package

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Matchbox Robotech 1985 - Back of Package


Armoured Zentraedi Warrior

Age: Undetermined

Rank: Private

The 60 foot giant Zentraedi Warriors have been created by the evil Robotech Masters to serve as mercenaries in their battle against the Micronians (humans) to gain control of the SDF-1 Battle Fortress and its supply of the precious protoculture. Designed to be war machines through training and genetic engineering, the Zentraedi Warrior has no emotions and lives only for battle.

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Info

BIGMANILA - Armoured Zentraedi Warriors

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - BIGMANILA

More Robotech Figures To Come
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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Transformers Generations Titans Return Legends Class Brawn

Transformers Titans Return Brawn

Amazon Link:

Brawn is one of my all time favourite Transformers Minibots. I did have the original G1 Brawn as a present when I was a kid. I think I still have G1 Brawn in storage, I still have to dig him out. My Grandma (Lola) gave Brawn to me as a birthday present. Brawn was my first Transformer. Most of the Transformer Minibots were affordable when I was a kid. About $5 or under. I like Brawn just because he was tiny he was tuff and feared by some of the Decepticons. When I was a kid I was considered tiny. I want to be tuff like Brawn.

I love this Titans Return Brawn. Very close to the G1 cartoon, I been waiting for a long time for a G1 version to come out and I gotta say he turn out way better than what I expected.

Come back and check out my other Transformers Generation Figures.



Brawn - Mini Bot

Brawn -  Kicking Ass and Taking Names 

Optimus said "One shall stand, one shall fall". I do both.

One thing I was disappointed in this Titians Return Brawn figure was that he does not come with a gun or any weapon. I guess the spare tire acts like a shield or could possible be a gun too.

Legends Brawn - Titan Master Brawn

Fortunatly they do have a TRANSFORMERS Generations Titan Masters Brawn that can be used as a head master and also a weapon. Its cool too but it would be nice it he came with a better weapon.

Amazon Link:

Transformers Generations Titans Return Titan Master Brawn

Brawn - Back/Shoulder Gun

Brawn - Back/Shoulder Gun

Brawn - Back/Shoulder Gun

Brawn - Arm Gun and Shield

Brawn -  Gun


Affiliation: Autobot

Sub-group:  Mini-Bots, Legends

Function: Demolitions

Rank: 5

Partner: Bumblebee, Huffer, Windcharger, and Cliffjumper

Motto: "Might over microchips."

Alternate modes: Cybertronian Truck, Land Rover Series III 4x4, Cobra Flight Pod

Brawn - Arm Style Gun

Brawn - Collector Card

Brawn Stats 

 Transformers Titan Master Brawn

Titan Master Brawn - Vehicle Options

Titan Master Brawn - Vehicle Options

Titan Master Brawn - Vehicle side View

Titan Master Brawn - Vehicle Options

Titan Master Brawn - Vehicle Hover Cycle Mode

Legends Class Brawn - Titan Master Brawn 

Brawn is one of the strongest Autobots in the Transformers television and comic book series, both based on the popular toy line produced by Takara and Hasbro. His vehicle mode is a Land Rover Series III 4x4. Brawn has not had a mass market toy release for several years and, until recently, the character has not been featured in the modern Transformers Universe.

Transform and Roll Out!

Brawn Transformation

Brawn - Land Rover Mode

Brawn's character biography describes him as one of the original eighteen Autobots - very strong despite his small size. He is further described as brave with physical strength that almost matches Optimus Prime, able to lift weights of up to 190,000 lbs. and strong enough to level a small building with a single punch. His physical resilience is also high enough to resist artillery fire, but he has an innate weakness to attacks based on electromagnetic waves. Brawn loves rugged and hostile environments and is always up to test his mettle against a new challenge.

Legends and Titans Class Brawn

Legends and Titans Class Brawn

In The Transformers: The Movie, set on Earth in the year 2005, Brawn was assigned to Moonbase One along with several first season Autobots. He was later assigned to make a special supply run to Autobot City on Earth. During the shuttle mission, Decepticon forces invaded the shuttle. Using Megatron in pistol mode, Starscream killed Brawn with a single shot to the shoulder.

Brawn - Off Road

Brawn - Land Rover

Legends Brawn with Titan Master Gun

Brawn's death is disputed among fans. Although one of the strongest and toughest Autobots, in the movie he is rapidly dispensed by a single piercing shot to the shoulder. His absence from the list of deceased Autobots in "Dark Awakening" (replaced in a list of those killed in the shuttle attack with Huffer), plus an appearance in the post-movie episode "Carnage in C-Minor" has inspired ongoing debate as to whether the character is truly dead. The episode shows Brawn, a miscolored Huffer, and Bonecrusher fighting together against a weapon built by Galvatron. This appearance is generally considered an error, as the episode is riddled with animation mistakes. Although select fans continue to argue Brawn's survival, in addition to the animation, confirmation of his demise can be confirmed in the Movie script and comic book adaptations; all depict Brawn being killed.

An argument can be made that Brawn's injuries were more damaging than at first glance. Whenever Brawn takes the shot to the shoulder, after he falls it is apparent that a larger area of Brawn's back is damaged leading to the possibility that the laser fired could have acted like hollow-point bullet damaging more of Brawn then previously thought.

Brawn - Recon 

Brawn Armed and Ready

Brawn - Land Rover Series III 4x4

Brawn - Recon

Brawn - Scaling Mountain side

Brawn - Up The Mountain Side

Brawn -"Might over microchips."

Brawn - Power House Moment of Awesome


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